About Us

Jobs180.com is a job site focused on providing a simple but powerful tool to Job Seekers, Employers and Schools. We put innovation to the traditional job site by bringing the Web 2.0 to recruitment using the simplest interface.

Jobs180.com is more than just a job site. Our vision includes partnering with colleges and universities to help support the employability of our graduating students. According to DOLE statistics, among the unemployed population, more than 50% or 1.4M is comprised of youths from age 15-24 (as of July 2012). This figure is staggering, considering that the total number of college graduates is 500,000 annually.

Jobs180.com wants to address this issue by helping prepare these kids join the competitive world through our free Marketing ME career orientation program and the school's free access to the GATEW@Y school portal for career insights.

Jobs180.com is unique with these exclusive and exciting services:

For Job Seeker

Jobs180.com ResuméLink

Jobs180 ResuméLink is a personalized URL for job seeker resumés that are readily viewable online. For instance, you can instantly have your resumé on your own URL http://JohnSantos.jobs180.com.

A public resumé with privacy settings you control.

You can easily control what information you display. If you want to hide your contact information except your email address, you can easily do it with just a click on a check box.

Marketing ME 101

Five-second commercials and giant billboards along EDSA are for companies with multi-million-peso budgets. Clutter is not just in the consumer goods industry though. With unemployment at 7%, no wonder majority of your job applications are ignored. To stand out, you need to start marketing your most lucrative asset: yourself!

Jobs180 ResuméLink lets you highlight not just your credentials. (Lumang tugtugin na 'yan!) We're giving you a stylish cover page that's perfectly at home in this social media age. A special section for your portfolio lets you upload your work such as photographs, graphic design, music or video.

Go ahead, leave those photocopied resumés behind.

We are removing the need to photocopy dozens of copies of your resumé and manually pasting your picture on each one. The next time you find a job opportunity in the unlikeliest of places, simply give your Jobs180.com ResuméLink personal URL and your resumé and credentials can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.

Jobs180.com MATRiX

Unofficially called the "MATching Resume Intelligence", this system matches the job seeker's profile with the jobs posted by the Employers. This resident genius uses a unique algorithm developed by Jobs180.com.

For Employer

Jobs180.com Career Site

The Jobs180.com CareerSite is a free website that Employers can use to maintain an online presence. All Employers can customize their CareerSite by choosing their own URL. For instance, Awesome Company can choose a personalized URL http://www.jobs180.com/AwesomeCompany and promote it.

More than just a job site

Employers using the Jobs180.com TeRa Resume Management App automatically get a free CareerSite. You can maximize the CareerSite by uploading your brand and product offerings. The CareerSite's look can even be customize to reflect the corporate brand colors in an easy-to-use interface. The Company's Job Listing is also featured prominently on the website.

Better than free

The Jobs180.com CareerSite is just the tip of the iceberg. On the surface, it is just your typical website, but below the waters, the Jobs180.com TeRA app takes the big job of maintaining and managing your job applications. Interested candidates can instantly apply to your job vacancies online. The resumés are stored in your Employer account. The best thing about it is Employers do not have to store the resumés in hard copy or paper form. Everything is online. Congratulations, your HR Department just became mobile.

Job Advertisements

Get instant job-to-candidate matching using a unique algorithm for a focused search.

Resumé Search

The power to access more candidates is within your reach. Get the candidate you want with powerful refining tools to find your man (or woman).

TeRA Resumé Management App

The e-Resume Archive is an efficient recruitment system that's user-friendly for Employers and geared to streamline the recruitment process. It is an interactive solution to posting your job ads, searching resumès and managing your job applications.

The Schools

Jobs180.com wants to go straight to the source of our labor force because we envision to make a difference. Colleges and universities in the Philippines produce half a million graduates annually. With unemployment rate in this group so high, the question we want to ask is, are these 500,000 ready to handle the jobs waiting for them? Do they know the first thing about job hunting? How do they transition from being a fresh-faced allowance-getting student into a mature and self-sufficient young adult?

Jobs180.com aims to help these students prepare for the real world through its Marketing ME career orientation program.

Marketing ME career orientation

The Marketing ME career orientation program tackles subjects about personal marketing. After all, a job seeker's best asset is his or her own self. It's a competitive world out there, and students need all the help they can get to stand out. Aside from their academic credentials, we cannot deny that appearances matter, and sometimes, the interview bears more weight than the resumè, no matter how impressive it is.

To help the graduating students gain confidence, Jobs180.com offers a free career orientation program to colleges and universities. Jobs180.com will conduct a Marketing ME seminar that tackles subjects that help students maximize their job search like power dressing, interview dos and don'ts and more. Resource speakers can also talk about financial management, the current job market and other relevant topics.

Similarly, Jobs180.com want to help the schools offer the best options available in the job market to its graduating students. Jobs180.com can organize a school job fair within the school premises. Jobs180.com can ensure that there can be a good mix of employment opportunities ranging from different sectors of businesses: manufacturing, FMCG, BPO and other services-oriented industries.

Furthermore, Jobs180.com aims to help not just the graduating students but also the school by supplementing its practicum program. Jobs180.com can offer an online venue for on-the-job-training or internship opportunities for the students. This way, students spend less time looking for internships and more time getting that much-needed training and experience.

GATEW@Y School Portal

Jobs180.com wants to partner with schools in producing a strong graduate pool fully-equipped to join the labor force. To achieve this, Jobs180.com has developed a school portal called GATEW@Y to provide insights regarding employment status and job profile of the schools' graduates.

Your Career Services Department can tap into your students' venture into the employment world through our GATEW@Y system. Here, you can discover what industries your graduates have thrived in and what line of work they have ended up with.